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Ozoni Sunday

Huge thanks to Gayle Oshima for organizing this event!

Here's a message from Gayle:

Folks who came to church on 1/28/24 enjoyed a nice bowl of Ozoni—a special new year’s treat of clear dashi broth packed with mochi (made by the mochi crew: Cory, Mimi, Janis Y., Lori W., Cheryl and Lisa J., Kelly K., Chris and Roger M., Marice S., and Morgan O.), shiitake, chicken, spinach, mizuna, kamaboko, naruto, and the special lemon peel garnish cut into the shape of pine needles (by Marice).  The Ozoni was prepared by Soojin, Tami, Janis Y., Lori W., Kathy A., Lisa and Cheryl J., Kelly K., Mimi F., and Marice S.  Herb G. singlehandedly set out all the tables and chairs!  

Thank you to all who participated and enjoyed the Ozoni.  We were able to raise over $700 by generous donations from the congregation. Thank you!!!  The donation will benefit the children in Maui through the Napili Kai Foundation Keiki and Ohana Wildfire Fund.

Starting out the new year by gathering together for our ozoni tradition at church signifies our hopes and prayers for a peaceful and joyous new year.  

Akemashite omedetou gozaimasu!  (Happy New Year!)

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